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Swipe your Coin at corner stores, gas stations, parking meters, restaurants, ATMs, grocery stores, and big-name retailers. With your help, more merchants are becoming Coin compatible every day.


Coin supports major credit and debit cards.

Whether it's a nationwide bank or a local credit union, we work hard to simplify your life and consolidate your cards.

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Coin is compatible at these popular locations and more:

Coin is not endorsed or sponsored by the merchants shown above. Coin's compatibility determinations are based on Coin's data and user-generated feedback. All logos are the trademarks of their respective owners.



Have you experienced an incompatible location?

Coin is a secure new technology designed to swipe everywhere magnetic stripe data is accepted. However, there are some merchants using systems that are incompatible due to the following reasons:

  1. Older or worn down machines may have difficulty reading Coin's dynamic stripe data
  2. Some merchants require your full name (also known as Track 1 card data) as a part of the transaction process. Coin does not transmit Track 1 data and may be rejected at the point of payment.


Our commitment to users.

Coin is committed to increasing it's compatibility rate and is actively working with merchants and credit card processors to adjust payment settings to bypass Track 1 requirements. If you have encountered a Coin incompatible location, please use our Merchant Compatibility Feature and we'll begin looking into it.

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Are you a merchant?


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